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Quickly obtain quality answers for your questionnaires. More than 2 million UK panelists accessible in a few clicks.

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With nearly 20 million consumers in 7 countries, Drag'n Survey allows you to find your panel and collect reliable data.

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Target your audience

Many criteria allow you to precisely target your audience. The realization of a market study or a marketing study is done simply. Data is collected quickly.

Collect data quickly

To define a representative sample

Drag'n Survey allows you to define the number of people you need to interview in order to have a representative sample for your survey.

Situation of the three criteria to be informed:

What is the number of executives in France who wish to change companies within 3 to 5 years?

The size of the population: it corresponds to the number of people concerned by your survey. Your sample concerns executives in France. The population size is 4.3 million people.

The margin of error: it corresponds to the variation (positive or negative) that you accept in your results. For example, if your margin of error is 5% and the number of executives who want to change companies in a 3-5 year horizon is 55%, you admit that at least 50% and at most 60 % of executives want to change companies within 3 to 5 years.

The confidence level: it is the percentage of certainty that you have within the margin of error. With a 95% confidence level, you are 95% sure that at least 50% and at most 60% of executives want to change companies within 3 to 5 years. The 95% confidence level is the most common. The 99% level is considered the safest. It is also possible to use lower levels.

Our partner Cint

With over 100 million people in over 150 countries, Cint has the world's largest consumer platform.

The partnership with Drag'n Survey makes it easy to survey consumers in 6 different countries.

Conducting a marketing study or market research requires interviewing the right number of people. Since the goal is to develop or improve a product or service, it is important to quickly find the right audience. Posting a survey on social media, forums, or email works very well. However, it is difficult to precisely target the people you want to interview. The population will be more varied. It will therefore be necessary to obtain a large amount of data in order to have a representative sample. With Drag'n Survey and its built-in calculator, you have the ability to know exactly how many people you need to interview. In addition, you distribute your survey to the right people. The first data arrives in seconds. You just have to focus on the essentials, which is analyzing the results.