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Can I use a PLUS or PREMIUM account for just one month?

Yes, all our offer are non-bidding. You can cancel reconduction at any time from your account management page.

When my subscription is over, are my datas still saved?

Yes, all your datas are stored, to get access to it you can renew your subscription at any time.

Do I have to fill in my credit card information to try the 15 days free PLUS or PREMIUM offer?

No, your credit card information are not required to try our offers durung 15 days.


Is Drag'n Survey Secure Sockets Layer certified?

Drag'n Survey is certified SSL.

Are payments secured?

Yes, payment are processed by our bank partner.


Do I own the datas I collect?

Yes, Drag'n Survey users own the datas they collect.

Where are the datas stored?

Datas are stored in Paris and Francfort.

Do Drag'n Survey use the datas I collect for commercial purpose?

No, we do not use the datas you collect in any commercial ways. You own the datas you collect

What are the subsequent subcontractors that Drag'n Survey uses to provide its services?

Drag’n Survey uses the services of the following subsequent subcontractors:

  • Twilio
  • AWS
  • Postmark
  • Paypal
  • OpenAI
  • Google
The above list is provided as an indication and may evolve. Do not hesitate to directly ask Drag’n Survey for the updated list of its subsequent subcontractors.

How does Drag'n Survey use ChatGPT (OpenAI)?

Drag’n Survey uses the ChatGPT tool developed by the company OpenAI to offer you the following features:

  • assistance in the creation of questionnaires by indicating the subject, the target audience and the objectives of the survey ;
  • when the responses given to "Free field" type questions in the questionnaires are subject to grading, ChatGPT assists you in correcting the responses according to the grading criteria that you have previously defined ;
Drag’n Survey has chosen not to allow OpenAI to use the personal data of Drag’n Survey users to train its AI model.